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  • Marine Stone


    Marine Stone Interior Texture will give your place a whole new vibe! Experience the calming embrace of ocean-inspired design, brought to life in soothing light blue hues. This precision-crafted texture adds depth and character to your walls, creating a timeless setting of elegance.

    Integrate with ease this versatile texture into various interior styles, while its durable formulation ensures a lasting and beautiful finish. Transform your home with the appealing charm of Marine Stone – redefine your space today.

    • Compelling texture
    • A polished finish is achieved by smooth application.
    • The durable formulation for long-lasting beauty
    • Versatile design compatibility

     Effortless integration into various interior styles

  • Marmarino


    Explore the ultimate refinement with Walltek’s Marmarino Interior Texture. This remarkable design transforms your walls, adding the timeless charm of luxurious marble.

    With its artful textures, Marmarino adds both depth and character to your spaces, creating an ambiance of unparalleled sophistication.

    • Luxurious Marble Aesthetics
    • Transformative Beauty
    • Durable composition 
    • Easy Smooth finishing 
    • Range of interior design styles
  • ONX STKO Interior


    Witness the fascinating appeal of our Interior Texture ONX STKO, which seamlessly blends artistic delicacy and strength. With a flawlessly smooth application, it crafts a polished finish that stands the test of time. Its adaptable textures cater to diverse design preferences, fashioning fascinating plays of light and shadow across your walls. 

    From contemporary to traditional aesthetics, ONX STKO adds a touch of sophistication that complements any interior.

    • Time-Tested Endurance
    • Flawlessly Smooth Application
    • Adaptable Textures
    • Elevated Interior Atmosphere


    ONX STKO PEARL Interior Texture provides the ideal balance of refinement and durability. This stunning product effortlessly combines timeless stucco charm with contemporary metallic allure, creating a visual masterpiece on your interior walls. 

    Crafted to exceed expectations, redefines elegance while maintaining the robustness you desire. Discover a harmonious interplay of textures, a seamless application process, and a finish that stands the test of time.

    • Modern metallic accents
    • hassle-free experience
    • long-lasting beauty
    • Distinctive texture
    • Available in a spectrum of shades