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Unveil the rustic charm of “Rotto Rustic,” a master product brought to you by our paint expertise at Walltek. This versatile wall texture combines the appeal of vintage aesthetics with modern convenience. With its ready-mix paste for direct application, water resistance, and easy-to-apply nature, “Rotto Rustic” transform your spaces effortlessly. Revel in its durability, low VOC composition, and remarkable ability to conceal minor cracks, ensuring that your walls don a timeless elegance while reflecting contemporary sensibilities.

  • Easy surface application
  • Water resistance for long-lasting beauty
  • Effortless application process 
  • Enduring durability
  • Environmentally conscious choice
  • Conceals small cracks for a flawless appearance


Roto Finish is made with high quality minerals & quartz with rich acrylic co-polymer. This texure gives a very unique and different feel making the walls stand out. This material has excellent binding to the surface


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