Myth - Primer is only for covering up dark or bold colours

Reality - Primer is not just for covering up existing colours; it provides a consistent base for paint, improves adhesion, and helps the paint colour appear truer.


Myth - You don't need a primer on new walls

Reality - New walls often have uneven surfaces and drywall imperfections. Primer helps seal and prepare the surface, ensuring a smoother paint finish.


Myth - All primers are the same

Reality - There are different types of primers for various surfaces and purposes, such as drywall primer, stain-blocking primer, and multi-surface primer. Choose the one that suits your project.


Myth - Primer is unnecessary for high-quality paint

Reality - Even with high-quality paint, using primer can enhance the paint's performance, coverage, and durability.


Myth - One coat of primer is always enough

Reality - Depending on the surface and the desired result, multiple coats of primer may be necessary. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.