Mastering Colour Contrast

Bold interiors thrive on colour contrast. Discover how strategically balancing contrasting hues can infuse dynamism and vibrancy into your living spaces.

Understanding Colour Theory

Explore the fundamentals of colour theory. Complementary colours, split-complementary schemes, and triadic combinations are powerful tools for creating striking contrasts.

The Impact of High Contrast

High-contrast interiors create visual drama. Pairing colours with significant differences in lightness or saturation can be used to draw attention and create focal points.

Harmonizing Bold Hues

While contrast is key, harmonizing bold hues is equally important. Consider using a neutral base to anchor the space and allow vibrant colours to pop.

Balancing Vibrancy with Neutrals

Introduce neutral tones to provide visual relief and prevent overwhelming the space. This allows bold colours to shine without creating sensory overload.