Trending Floor Texture

Imagine your home as a work of art, and the texture of your floors as its unique signature. In this journey through modern interior design, we’ll unveil the freshest trends in floor textures.

Floor Textures Matter in Modern Living

Imagine walking into a room that instantly makes you feel at ease, or one that exudes an air of sophistication. Chances are, it’s not just the furniture or the colour scheme- Crafting Atmosphere, Design Harmony, The Hidden Canvas.


Our first stop is in the realm of contemporary charm – CEMENTO FLOURITE. This texture brings together the rugged allure of concrete floor texture and the finesse of modern design.


Next, we step into the world of timeless elegance with GRANITE COAT. It’s a texture that’s as durable as it is luxurious. We’ll unravel its versatility – how it can effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your living spaces.


For those who crave something truly exceptional, we invite you to dive into the world of SEA EARTH. This texture floor is like a piece of nature’s artistry right in your home.