Living Room Design

The texture of your living room walls has a huge impact on the overall feel of the space. Smooth walls give a sleek, modern vibe while rough, textured walls create a cosy, rustic atmosphere.

Accent walls

Don’t feel you have to texture all the walls. Doing just one accent wall geometric wall paint draws the eye and creates visual contrast in the space. Place the accent wall behind the sofa or TV for maximum impact.

Natural materials

For organic texture, use natural materials like stone, brick, or wood panels on walls. Stone and brick veneer provide an earthy feel while wood planks or panels make a rustic statement.


Textured walls interact beautifully with lighting, casting interesting shadows that change throughout the day. Use wall sconces, spotlights, and pendant lights to highlight the texture of accent walls and materials.

Popular Paint

Flat or matte paint is a popular choice for living rooms. It hides imperfections well and gives walls a smooth, velvety look. Eggshell or satin finishes offer a soft glow while still concealing flaws.