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best wall paint in india

Top 12 Best Blue Colour Wall Paint Designs for Every Room

best wall paint in india

Get ready to give your home a cool makeover! Explore the Top 12 Best Blue Colour Wall Paint Design that will add a touch of charm to every room. From soothing blues for your bedroom to lively hues for the living room, we’ve got it all. 


Let’s dive into the world of beautiful blues and transform your space effortlessly!

Eggshell Blue Paint Colours

best wall paint in india

One of the most popular shades of blue for walls is eggshell blue. This soft and soothing hue, inspired by the colour of blue-tone eggs, can bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to your space. Ontario-based decorator Michael Penney recommends using blue-green shades like robin’s-egg blue, which has a dash of green mixed with blue. This subtle touch of green adds depth to the colour and creates a more nuanced look.

Watercolour Blue Paint Colours

best wall paint in india

If you’re looking for a more vibrant and energetic look, watery blues are a great choice. Inspired by the vibrant colours of the sky and ocean, these shades of blue can instantly uplift your space and create a sense of freshness. New York designer Elaine Griffin suggests considering the amount of natural light in the room when choosing a blue paint colour. A south-facing room flooded with sunlight can handle rich and bold colours, while rooms with less light might benefit from pale blue shades on the walls.

Aquamarine Paint Colours

best wall paint in india

For those who want to embrace a bolder side of blue, aquamarine hues can add a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to your space. Designer Khristian A. Howell suggests trying out aqua on a piece of furniture before committing to painting the entire wall. Aqua can be a great accent colour when used sparingly in a room full of greys, creams, and whites. It adds a pop of colour without overwhelming the space.

Mood-Lifting Blue Paint Colours

best wall paint in india

While soft colours are often associated with relaxation, bold blues can also create a soothing and calming atmosphere. San Francisco designer Kelly Berg suggests that if a colour makes you feel good, it will likely have a soothing effect as well. Trust your instincts and choose colours that resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to be bold and experiment with different shades of blue to create a mood-lifting environment.


The suggested paint colour for a  efreshing paint and texture is Marine Stone by walltekpaint.

Teal Blue Paint Colours

best wall paint in india

Teal shades of blue are perfect for adding a dramatic flair to your space. Teal is a versatile colour that can work well with other colours and embraces their companionship. Interior designer Philippa Radon recommends pairing teal with bright accents such as crimson, citrus green, or neon yellow to keep the look fresh and exciting. Teal doesn’t work well as a monochromatic palette, so it’s important to add pops of colour to create a dynamic and visually appealing space.

Saturated Blue Walls

best wall paint in india

For a classic and timeless look, pairing bright white with saturated shades of blue can create a stunning contrast. The combination of these two colours brings freshness and elegance to any space. To achieve the desired effect, choose a blue paint colour that is either pale or saturated, avoiding middle tones. This will ensure that the palette remains crisp and modern.

Modern Blue Paint Colours

best wall paint in india

Blue can also work well in modern spaces when paired with the right furniture and accessories. To keep the palette simple and cohesive, choose a medium blue for major pieces such as window treatments, upholstered furniture, or bedding, and opt for a paler blue paint colour for the walls. This approach allows for greater flexibility in matching paint colours to furniture, accessories, and fabrics.

Sophisticated Green-Blue Colours

best wall paint in india

For a more mature and sophisticated look, consider green-blue colours paired with stately neutrals like camel brown or taupe. This combination adds depth and maturity to the space, creating a balanced and elegant atmosphere. Avoid using light tones as the main neutral, as it can diminish the impact of the blue, while dark browns or greys may make the space feel less cheery.


The suggested paint colour for a sophisticated green-blue palette is Marmarino by walltekpaint.

Warm Blue Colours

best wall paint in india

Contrary to popular belief, warm blues do exist and can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your home. To find warm blues, look for shades with lots of yellow undertones. Comparing the saturated side of the blue paint chip to other primary colours can help you determine the yellow undertones. Warm blues can add a touch of cheerfulness and warmth to your space.

All-Blue Colour Scheme

best wall paint in india

If blue is your favourite colour, why not go all-in with an all-blue colour scheme? Vary the intensity of the hues and stick to either the cool or warm side of blue for a coordinated and harmonious look. To add visual interest and balance, incorporate warm accents like orange pillows, gold frames, or honey-hued wood furniture or floors. This will create a well-rounded and visually appealing space.

Serene Blue Colours

best wall paint in india

For a more serene and calming look, limit the variations of blue to one or two shades. This muted palette creates a subdued and peaceful atmosphere. Unlike more intense hues, a muted palette doesn’t require as many contrasting elements. The goal is to create a sense of tranquillity, so adding too many opposing colours would defeat the purpose.


The suggested paint colour for a serene blue palette is Sea Earth by Walltekpaint.

Light Blue Colour Ideas

best wall paint in india

Layering light blues in a room can strike a balance between structure and airiness. Combining spindly furniture with a dark finish, such as aged-bronze beds, adds visual weight without overpowering the watery palette. A small pop of red or pink can also help lift the palette and add a touch of vibrancy.


Blue wall paint offers endless possibilities for transforming your space. Whether you opt for soft and serene shades or bold and vibrant hues, blue can create a calming and refreshing atmosphere in any room. Consider the mood you want to achieve, the amount of natural light in the space, and the overall aesthetic of your home when selecting the perfect blue paint colour. With the right combination, your blue walls will become a striking focal point that reflects your personal style and creates a welcoming environment.

Are there specific blue shades for different rooms?

Yes, lighter blues work well in bedrooms for a serene atmosphere, while bolder blues may suit living or dining areas for a vibrant look.

How can I incorporate blue into a minimalist design?

Choose a muted or pastel blue to maintain simplicity. Use blue for key decor elements, such as artwork or furnishings.

Should I paint all the walls blue or just one accent wall?

It depends on the room and personal preference. One accent wall can add a pop of colour without overwhelming the space.

Are there specific lighting considerations for blue-painted rooms?

Yes, lighting can affect how blue appears. Natural light enhances lighter blues, while warm artificial light can bring out the richness of darker blues.

Can I use blue in a small bathroom?

Yes, consider using lighter shades of blue to make the space feel airy. Mirrors and good lighting can also contribute to a more spacious feel.

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