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WallTek Aqua Supercoat stands as a luxurious interior emulsion, designed to grace your walls and ceilings with the captivating hues reminiscent of your cherished global destinations. Powered by ColourGuard technology, it safeguards these vivid colors from the rigors of everyday use, preserving their brilliance over time.

Enhancing its attributes, the Pro Coat Technology guarantees exceptional opacity and effective coverage, leaving no room for subpar results. Moreover, introducing an innovative dimension, Aqua Supercoat  incorporates the added advantage of Anti-Bacterial properties. This novel feature actively hinders the growth of specific bacteria on the painted surface, elevating the hygienic aspect of your space.

Choose WallTek Aqua Supercoat for an exquisite emulsion that not only adorns your interiors but also maintains its vibrancy and longevity while contributing to a cleaner environment.

  • Pro Coat Technology
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Colourguard Technology – Long Lasting Colours


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