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Elite White Wall Putty

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Experience the ultimate wall perfection with “Elite white wall Putty” – a proof to our commitment to quality at Walltek. This remarkable wall putty isn’t just a surface treatment; it’s a shield that protects, enhances, and elevates the beauty of your spaces. Highly versatile, and crafted to enhance paint durability, “Elite white wall Putty” lends a robust foundation to your paint, ensuring a stunning and enduring finish. 

Its exceptional binding capability not only fortifies the base but also prevents damage, making it your go-to solution for crack resistance, efflorescence protection, and more.

  • Versatile application for both interior and exterior walls
  • Enhances paint life and creates a beautiful finish
  • Strong binding for increased surface strength
  • Provides comprehensive protection against various forms of damage
  • Imparts a lustrous sheen and sparkling whiteness


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